Fabric with hot melt
Mainly used, such as shape, shoes, cap production. The use of the plastic clothing not only has the crisp, full of visual quality, there is a washed natural formation, can be worn without ironing features. The use of the rubber shoes, hat light, breathable, and good shape retention, especially for the shoe industry, but also has comfortable and reduce the advantages of smelly shoes. The use of hot melt of technical indicators are as follows:
Appearance: white or light yellow granular or powder.
Melting point :105-115 ℃:
Melt index :18-22g10min (160 ℃);
Bulk density :0.48-0 .52g/cm3;
:30-35 degree angle of repose;
Bond strength: ≥ 1.5-2.0kg/25mm;
Wash resistance: ≥ 5 times.

Packaging and bookbinding hot sol
At present, the food, beverage, instant noodles, cigarettes, beer, medicine and other packaging sealing, mostly through the use of hot melt sealing machine to complete. Bookbinding industry, repealed the old line, binding, use hot melt glue system technology, not only improve the quality of binding, more importantly, greatly accelerate the rate of binding, the use of hot melt technology indicators are as follows: packaging books with
Appearance White granular light yellow flakes
Melting point (℃) 70-84 65-78
Viscosity 2500-3500 5500-6500
Hardness 78-8265-75
The rate of cure 3-50-20

Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
Mainly used for sanitary napkins, children's diapers, mattresses disgrace disease, old age incontinence supplies. Especially the latter, as the structure of an aging population. Incontinence supplies for future demand for elderly will rapidly increase. The use of hot melt of technical indicators are as follows:
Appearance: white or slightly yellow block viscoelastic, solid;
Melting point :80-90 ℃;
Adhesive strength :2.0-2 .51g/25mm;
Health requirements: tasteless, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin.
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