Welcome everyone to melt Co., Ltd. Ruian City Wuzhou website, I was responsible Wuzhou Xi Zhu Pu hot melt adhesive. Continental Co., Ltd. is a hot melt warm home in pursuit of common ideals, in order to revitalize the series of hot melt adhesive for office and service in clothing, footwear, furniture, packaging, auto parts and other industries.

  Continental hot melt adhesive will maintain mutually beneficial business purposes and the majority of customers to maintain good social relationships, your satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of hot melt adhesive Continental. Our company will provide you high quality, low price of hot melt adhesive products to meet the needs of our customers.

  Here, I melt Co., Ltd. on behalf of Continental staff to express my sincere thanks to you, hope we improve together, cooperation and development, in order to more brilliant future hand in hand!

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                                                          General Manager:  XiPu zhu
                                                          15 March 2010

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